2019 Debates and Didactics in Hematology and Oncology

Symptom Management

Conundrums in Managing Cancer-Associated Thrombosis

Although there may be a clear role for prophylactic anticoagulation in hospitalized patients and those undergoing surgery, indication for prophylactic anticoagulation for patients with cancer seen in...

Skin Cancer

Stage IV Melanoma: What Current Role Should Surgery Play?

Advanced melanoma has become a different entity in the era of immunotherapy and targeted agents. Considering the potential for good outcomes from systemic therapy in advanced disease, has the role of ...

Multiple Myeloma

Is It Time to Intervene in Smoldering Myeloma?

Early intervention in smoldering multiple myeloma prevents progression to symptomatic disease and should be strongly considered for patients meeting new criteria for high risk, according to Sagar Loni...

Lung Cancer

Optimal First-Line Therapy for Stage IV Non–Small Cell Lung Cancer: Immunotherapy Alone or With Chemotherapy?

Recent studies in non–small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) have shown benefit for combining checkpoint inhibitors with chemotherapy. Should combinations, therefore, be the first choice for treating patients...