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pancreatic cancer

ASCO Updates Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer Guideline

ASCO has released an update to its Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer Guideline that includes recommendations for second-line treatment, including early biomarker testing for actionable genomic alterations.1 Last updated in 2018, this new version was triggered by novel evidence related to targeted...

supportive care
symptom management

New Cancer Cachexia Guideline Addresses Common Quality-of-Life Issue

ASCO recently released a new evidence-based guideline regarding the clinical management of cancer cachexia in adults with advanced cancer.1 The guideline is the result of a literature review that included 20 systematic reviews and 13 randomized clinical trials. An expert panel was convened to...

colorectal cancer

ASCO Releases Resource-Stratified Guideline on the Treatment of Late-Stage Colorectal Cancer

ASCO has released a new guideline for clinicians and policymakers in resource-constrained settings on treating patients with late-stage colorectal cancer.1 “Around the world, there is a huge variation in resources, and what is available to clinicians may change week to week,” said Mary D....

prostate cancer

New Guideline Tackles Rapidly Evolving Imaging Strategies for Advanced Prostate Cancer

Advances in radiology and molecular imaging have the potential to significantly change how clinicians diagnose, stage, and monitor response to therapy in patients with prostate cancer. However, there are limited data comparing these next-generation imaging modalities to each other and to...

lung cancer

ASCO Guideline Addresses Surveillance of Lung Cancer After Curative-Intent Therapy

ASCO has released a new guideline providing recommendations to practicing clinicians on radiographic imaging and biomarker surveillance strategies after definitive, curative-intent therapy in patients with stage I to III non–small cell lung cancer or small cell lung cancer. These guideline...