2019 NCRI Cancer Conference

Prostate Cancer

2019 NCRI: Higher IGF-1 and Free Testosterone Levels May be Risk Factors for Prostate Cancer

Men with higher levels of free (biologically active) testosterone and insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) in their blood are more likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer, according to research pr...

Gynecologic Cancers

2019 NCRI: CA125 Testing May Help General Practitioners to Detect Ovarian Cancer

Testing for levels of the serum biomarker cancer antigen 125 (CA125) in the blood may be a useful tool for the detection of ovarian cancer, and could help detect other types of cancer among patients i...

Hepatobiliary Cancer

2019 NCRI: Hepatocellular Carcinoma Incidence and Mortality Rates in England Have Tripled Over the Past 20 Years

From 1997 to 2016, incidence and deaths from hepatocellular carcinoma have tripled in England, according to research presented by Burton et al at the 2019 National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) Can...

Colorectal Cancer

2019 NCRI: Use of Mendelian Randomization to Determine Role of Human Gut Microbiome in Colorectal Cancer Development

A study using a technique called Mendelian randomization to investigate the causal role played by bacteria in the development of colorectal cancer was presented at the 2019 National Cancer Research In...