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solid tumors

For Liver Metastases, Transarterial Radioembolization With Yttrium-90 Plus Chemotherapy May Delay Disease Progression

In the international phase III EPOCH trial, patients with colorectal liver metastases who experienced disease progression on first-line therapy derived significant benefit from treatment with transarterial yttrium Y-90 radioembolization in combination with systemic chemotherapy, according to Mary...

colorectal cancer

Radioembolization Plus Second-Line Chemotherapy for Colorectal Liver Metastases

In the phase III EPOCH trial reported in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, Mary F. Mulcahy, MD, and colleagues found that the addition of transarterial yttrium-90 radioembolization (TARE) to second-line chemotherapy significantly prolonged progression-free survival and hepatic progression–free...

gastroesophageal cancer

Nivolumab Plus Chemotherapy Improves Survival in Advanced Gastric and Esophageal Adenocarcinomas: Now to Figure Out the Details in These Heterogeneous Diseases

There is no doubt that subsets of patients with esophageal and gastric cancers benefit from immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy. The complexity lies in identifying the appropriate histology, tumor location, expression of programmed cell death receptors and ligands, mechanism of checkpoint...

solid tumors
hematologic malignancies

NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology: 2021 Updates

In 1996, the National Comprehensive Cancer Network® (NCCN®) published its first set of Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology®, covering eight tumor types. Guidelines are now published for more than 60 tumor types and topics. During the NCCN’s 26th Annual Conference, which was held virtually...

gastroesophageal cancer
gastrointestinal cancer

Mary F. Mulcahy, MD, and Crystal S. Denlinger, MD, on NCCN Guidelines Updates: Gastric and Esophageal Cancers

Crystal S. Denlinger, MD, of Fox Chase Cancer Center, and Mary F. Mulcahy, MD, of the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University, discuss biomarkers for determining treatment; immune checkpoint inhibitors; when to employ such treatments as platinum/fluoropyrimidine and...

palliative care

Timing and Meaning of Do-Not-Resuscitate Orders in the Palliative Care Setting

Although a do-not-resuscitate (DNR) order does not mean “do not treat,” that is how it is often interpreted, according to a study examining the level of care oncology inpatients at a tertiary care hospital received.1 The study found that the interpretation of DNR orders among oncology nurses and...

hepatobiliary cancer

More Toxicity Associated With Addition of Sorafenib to Yttrium-90 Radioembolization Prior to Liver Transplantation

The addition of sorafenib (Nexavar) to yttrium-90 radioembolization was associated with higher rates of biliary complications and potentially more acute rejections prior to transplantation in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma, according to the results of a prospective randomized pilot study....