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ASCO, Conquer Cancer Honor Leaders in Cancer Care With 2020 Special Awards

ASCO and Conquer Cancer, the ASCO Foundation®, are proud to recognize the winners of ASCO’s 2020 Special Awards and Conquer Cancer’s Women Who Conquer Cancer Mentorship Awards. The recipients of these awards have worked to transform cancer care around the world. David A. Karnofsky Memorial Award...


The Blind Leading the Blind: COVID-19, Cancer, and the Need for More Data

In the novel Blindness, Portuguese author José Saramago describes an epidemic that quickly and inexorably causes nearly all inhabitants of an unnamed city to lose their sight. The Nobel Laureate writes in long uninterrupted sentences, making the reader experience the fears and anxieties of the...

2019 ASCO Election Candidates

The ASCO Nominating Committee has selected 15 distinguished ASCO members as candidates for open leadership positions within the Society, including: The office of President-Elect Three seats on the Society’s Board of Directors Three seats on the Nominating Committee Biographical information and...

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Changing Landscape in the Treatment of Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma: Findings With Nivolumab and Cabozantinib

In the October 25 issue of The ASCO Post, we presented two important studies in previously treated advanced renal cell carcinoma, including the paper by Motzer et al “Nivolumab versus everolimus in advanced renal-cell carcinoma” (CheckMate 025), published in The New England Journal of Medicine,...