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Narratives in Oncology Through the Years

Beginning in 2012,The ASCO Post introduced Narratives in Oncology, a special commemorative issue profiling several of the many leaders in the oncology community. Over the past years, many in the oncology community have been profiled in this commemorative issue. A complete list of individuals...

The ASCO Post and Narratives in Oncology Through the Years

THE ASCO POST is pleased to acknowledge its 10th anniversary. Our first issue was launched in June 2010 at the ASCO Annual Meeting. Beginning in 2012, The ASCO Post introduced Narratives in Oncology, a special commemorative issue profiling leaders in the oncology community. To nominate an...

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Breast Cancer Specialist Focuses on Educational Side of Oncology, Connecting Patients With Cancer Around the World

Internationally renowned breast cancer specialist Daniel A. Vorobiof, MD, was born in Santa Fe, Argentina, a province in the northeastern region of the country that is prone to catastrophic flooding. Asked about any early influences in his desire to pursue a career in medicine, Dr. Vorobiof...

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Daniel A. Vorobiof, MD, and Bernardo Leon Rapoport, MD, on NK-1 Inhibitors for CINV: Potentially Practice-Changing Data

Daniel A. Vorobiof, MD, of the Sandton Oncology Centre, and Bernardo Leon Rapoport, MD, of The Medical Oncology Centre of Rosebank, discuss the first study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of a single dose of intravenous fosaprepitant. The use of this NK1 inhibitor and another (rolapitant) in a...

Reflections from The ASCO Post

The editors gratefully acknowledge all contributors to The ASCO Post and thank the columnists who contributed to Volume 2, January–December 2011: Al B. Benson III, MD, FACP Richard Boxer, MD, FACS Carlton G. Brown, RN, PhD, AOCN Barrie R. Cassileth, PhD E. David Crawford, MD Emil J. Freireich, MD, ...

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Cost of Care: A Multidisciplinary Responsibility

I read the interview with Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel (The ASCO Post, December 15, 2011) with much interest, as the health-care policy problems that America is currently experiencing have plagued other countries for some time. Despite proactive measures and attempts to amend those situations elsewhere,...

SIDEBAR: Private/Public Health-care Divide Creates Disparity in Cancer Pain Treatment in South Africa

Approximately 15% of South Africa’s people have private health-care insurance and use private hospitals and clinics; another 10% also use private care paid out of pocket. However, the remaining 75% of South Africans use public health care, which is spread out over rural and urban areas. Although...