SIDEBAR: Colorectal Cancer Survivors’ Comments on Strategies to Regulate Bowel Function

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Avoiding Foods

I don’t eat beans, I don’t eat onions. I’m kind of careful on greens because they just don’t digest well.

I don’t eat as many salads. I couldn’t because they went right through.

Behavioral Adjustments

You learn, over the years, what you can and can’t do. And you can’t overeat. It’s good to graze.

I try to chew my food slowly, and I don’t ever drink until after I eat.

You just plan your schedule and figure out when you’re going to eat what, and when.

I don’t choose to be around groups of people I do not know. I suppose there are times when I have cut myself off from something that might be an enjoyable activity.

I try not to drive as much as I used to. When I drive, I want to make sure that I know where I’m going.


I live on stool softeners in the morning and a laxative at night…. And even then, sometimes it all blocks up.

Adapted, with permission, from Sun V, et al.2

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