2018 NCRI Cancer Conference

solid tumors

NCRI 2018: HiLo Trial: Rate of Thyroid Cancer Recurrence After Adjuvant Lower-Dose Radiation

Patients with thyroid cancer whose disease is at low risk of returning can be treated safely with a smaller amount of radiation following surgery, according to results from the HiLo trial presented by...

prostate cancer
symptom management

NCRI 2018: COMPARE Study: Side Effects and Quality of Life Associated With Prostate Cancer Care

Men who have been newly diagnosed with prostate cancer say they would trade some improvement in their odds of survival for improvements in side effects and quality of life, according to research prese...

skin cancer

NCRI 2018: Mortality in Men With Malignant Melanoma

The rate of men dying from malignant melanoma has risen in populations around the world, whereas in some countries, mortality rates for the disease are steady or falling for women, according to resear...