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Collaborative Exchange: The Expanded Access Program and Uridine Triacetate

The panel discussed the various aspects of obtaining a drug such as uridine triacetate through the expanded access program. Ms. Vogel: The expanded access program allows companies to provide patients access to their medicines while the drugs are still in preapproval process, but it is strictly...

Collaborative Exchange: Timing of Uridine Triacetate

The challenge of deciding when to administer uridine triacetate was explored by the panel. Dr. Schwartzberg: I assume uridine triacetate would work more effectively if given very early; otherwise we would see the same kind of downstream toxicity we see with methotrexate. Dr. Campen: Exactly, but...

Collaborative Exchange: Leucovorin and Glucarpidase

The panel discussed the rationale behind the continued use of leucovorin in conjunction with glucarpidase. Dr. Campen: We continue with leucovorin to provide a full basis for recovery of the cells. One important thing to know is that leucovorin should be given separately from glucarpidase because...

Collaborative Exchange: Indications and Dosing

Indications and Dosing of Methotrexate and 5-FU Dr. Campen: The interesting thing about methotrexate is that it has been used for such a long time. You would think there would be a specific dose that would be considered “high dose,” but high dose is actually quite variable. [Dosage] depends on the...

Meet the Panel

Based on a roundtable discussion conducted at the first annual JADPRO Live 2014 educational symposium in St. Petersburg, Florida, this supplement centers on strategies for preventing and treating severe side effects associated with methotrexate and fluorouracil (5-FU) from the unique perspectives...