October Cancer Awareness Month: Patient Resources From ASCO

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Are you looking to provide trusted education materials to your patients and their caregivers for October cancer awareness month?

Cancer.Net, ASCO’s patient information website, and ASCO Answers patient education materials have everything you need to stock your practice and inform your patients. From comprehensive guides to single-page fact sheets, Cancer.Net and ASCO Answers are your go-to resources for trusted oncologist-approved patient education. Check out these popular resources:

Comprehensive Guides to Cancer and Topic-Specific Booklets

  • ASCO Answers Guide to Breast Cancer (includes information on triple-negative breast cancer)
  • Español: Cáncer de mama
  • Guide to Liver Cancer
  • Español: Cáncer de hígado
  • ASCO Answers Advanced Cancer Care Planning
  • Español: Planificación de la atención del cáncer avanzado
  • ASCO Answers Palliative Care
  • Español: Cuidados paliativos

ASCO Answers One-Page Fact Sheets

  • Breast Cancer
  • Arabic: سرطان الثدي
  • Greek: Καρκίνος του μαστού
  • Portuguese: Câncer de mama
  • Romanian: Cancerul de sân
  • Spanish: Cáncer de mama
  • Liver Cancer
  • Metastatic Breast Cancer

Cancer.Net and ASCO Answers provide direct and easy-to-understand information, making them the ideal patient education resource.

Find these resources and a library of other titles at Visit to order high-quality materials for your practice. Free domestic shipping is available, and members save 20%. 

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