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ASCO in ActionFor the past 2 years, ASCO members and others who have looked to ASCO for insight on policy issues have turned to the ASCO in Action section of the Society’s website for up-to-date information. Now, ASCO has launched a whole new website devoted entirely to policy issues and ASCO’s specific efforts to represent the best interests of oncologists and their patients. The ASCO in Action website was launched in September as a one-stop source for cancer policy news and information for ASCO members and other oncology professionals. From legislative and regulatory developments impacting reimbursement, cancer research funding, access to care, and cancer care quality, ASCO in Action provides up-to-date information and resources about the issues impacting oncology practice and patient care.

“As policymakers work to address myriad issues facing our nation’s health-care system, ASCO is tracking, monitoring, and responding to federal level initiatives to protect access to care,” said Allen S. Lichter, MD, ASCO’s Chief Executive Officer. “The new ASCO in Action is designed to help our members and others stay abreast of important cancer policy matters and offers an easy way to become an advocate on the critical issues that impact practice.”

Information and Feedback

ASCO in Action presents at-a-glance as well as in-depth information on a variety of important topics including federal funding for research; Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement, rulemaking, and coverage issues; quality-of-care initiatives; and more.

In addition, ASCO in Action incorporates member polling to provide ASCO with a timely snapshot of members’ opinions. Dr. Lichter explains, “No one knows more about cancer care and delivery than ASCO members. Developing policy positions that best represent the profession requires direct input and feedback from our members.”

Other new features on the site ­include:

  • Improved content organization, navigation, and search capability
  • Comprehensive links to related content
  • Illustrative photos, graphics, and videos
  • One-click accessibility to the ASCO ACT Network—ASCO’s grassroots action center

Visit the new ASCO in Action website at Visitors are encouraged to sign up for ASCO in Action’s RSS feed to stay abreast of current issues and policy news. ■

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