Cancer Incidence and Mortality Rates Worldwide

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Table 1: Predicted Incidence and Mortality Rates for Various Regions of the World.*

As discussed in the new series “Global Oncology Burden”, analysis of the cancer burden based on the regions as divided by the World Health Organization (WHO) (ie, Africa, the Americas, South-East Asia, Europe, Eastern Mediterranean, and Western Pacific), reveals the marked differences (see Table 1). Although the cancer burden is shown to increase over the next 3 decades in all six of these regions, these differences are starkly higher for the African and Eastern Mediterranean regions when compared to the European regions.

The World Health Organization identifies six world regions as follows below and as shown in the table at right:

  • WHO-AFRO: Africa region
  • WHO-PAHO: Americas region
  • WHO-SEARO: South-East Asia ­region
  • WHO-EURO: European region
  • WHO-EMRO: Eastern Mediterranean ­region
  • WHO-WPRO: Western Pacific ­region ■