COVID-19 Resources for People With Cancer

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ASCO has compiled a number of resources to help people with cancer navigate COVID-19.

Coronavirus and COVID-19: What People With Cancer Need to Know

Cases of COVID-19 have arisen all over the world. Here’s what people with cancer and cancer survivors need to know about the disease. Available at

Answers to Your Questions About the COVID-19 Vaccine

Julie Gralow, MD, FACP, FASCO, Chief Medical Officer of ASCO, answers common questions and concerns people with cancer may have about the COVID-19 vaccines available in the United States. Available at

Common Questions About COVID-19 and Cancer: Answers for Patients and Survivors

ASCO and the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship (NCCS) answered questions about how COVID-19 could potentially affect the health and cancer care of people diagnosed with cancer. Available at

COVID-19 Financial Resources for People With Cancer: A list of organizations that offer financial assistance for people with cancer who are affected by COVID-19. Available at

Managing Your Cancer Care During an Emergency: Information on how to prepare for and what to do during an emergency or natural disaster, including special considerations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Available at

When to Call the Doctor During Cancer Treatment: Information on preventing and identifying certain serious side effects of cancer treatment, including COVID-19 infection. Available at

How to Safely Keep Up With Your Cancer Screening and Care During COVID-19: Abenaa Brewster, MD, discusses why attending your scheduled cancer care and screening appointments during the COVID-19 pandemic is so important and how to do so safely. Available at

How People With Cancer Can Make the Most of Televisits: Carolyn Hendricks, MD, FASCO, discusses the benefits of the new shift to televisits, and how people with cancer can make the most out of their time with their doctor during these appointments. Available at

Managing Side Effects of Cancer Treatment During Social Distancing: A downloadable PDF to help people with cancer identify, track, and manage side effects at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, including links to more information. Developed by the Center for Business Models in Healthcare and the 4R Collaborative. Available at

Coping With COVID-19 and Social Distancing

The Real-Life Impacts of COVID-19 on People With Cancer:Lidia Schapira, MD, FASCO, 2015–2021 Cancer.Net Editor in Chief, talks about the real-life impacts COVID-19 has on people who are living with, being treated for, or have survived cancer. Available at

COVID-19, Cancer, and Uncertainty: An Oncologist’s Perspective on Coping:Anthony Provenzano, MD, discusses how he’s seen COVID-19 impact people with cancer, including the uncertainty and fear the pandemic has caused and how people can cope. Available at

Job Loss During Cancer: How to Cope and Continue Treatment: People with cancer who have lost their job or have had a close family member lose vital income face tough decisions. Here are tips to deal with the uncertainty that comes with a job loss and steps to take to continue cancer treatment. Available at

How to Provide Support as a Long-Distance Cancer Caregiver: Ranak Trivedi, PhD, describes the unique challenges long-distance caregivers face and offers suggestions on how best to support their loved ones with cancer. Available at

Coping With the Holidays During COVID-19 and Cancer: Lidia Schapira, MD, FASCO, discusses how the holiday season will differ this year for people with cancer and their loved ones, and how they can best cope with those changes. Available at

Research on COVID-19 and Cancer

ASCO20 Virtual Scientific Program: The Global Impact of COVID-19 on People With Cancer: The ASCO20 Virtual Scientific Program was held in May 2020. Read highlights of two studies addressing how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting people with cancer. Available at

2020 National Cancer Opinion Survey: Cancer Screening and Mental Health During COVID-19, Racism and Cancer Care, and Misperceptions Around Cancer Clinical Trials: The 2020 National Cancer Opinion Survey reveals the COVID-19 pandemic’s effects on cancer screening and mental health, racism’s impact on health care, and widely held misperceptions about cancer clinical trials. Available at

The Impact of COVID-19 on Black and Hispanic People With Cancer: Research From the 2020 Quality Care Symposium: Research from the 2020 Quality Care Symposium underscores the effect the COVID-19 pandemic has on Black and Hispanic people with cancer. Available at

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