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ASCO in Action

The recently enhanced ASCO in Action site is a one-stop source for the latest policy news related to quality cancer care and research. Whether it is information about legislation that affects cancer patients or oncology practices, easy links to ASCO’s recent policy positions, or a simple way to connect with elected leaders in Congress, ASCO in Action helps members stay informed and advocate for quality cancer care.

“Health-care policy being debated today has enormous implications for both oncology practices and patient health,” said ASCO CEO Allen S. Lichter, MD. “ASCO members have been instrumental in explaining the impact of legislative proposals and public funding on future care and research. To make sure this continues, ASCO in Action gives oncologists and researchers timely information, more in depth analysis on critical issues, and a greater advocacy voice.”

Polling on Policy

With reader polling as an added feature on the site, ASCO in Action also gives ASCO members an easy way to help the Society develop policy positions and explain how various legislative proposals affect quality, access, and care. Recent polls on drug shortages and Medicare’s average sales price were fielded to help ASCO better understand how members feel about several proposed solutions to critical policy priorities.

Challenges and Opportunities

“Current legislative debate to control federal spending presents enormous challenges and opportunities that could either improve quality and care or hurt patient access and threaten the progress against cancer being made through publicly funded clinical trials,” said Richard L. Schilsky, MD, Chair of ASCO’s Government Relations Committee.

“Now, more than ever, we need members who are both informed and engaged to help policymakers better understand the implications of the decisions they face,” Dr. Schilsky said.

“The interactive capabilities of the new ASCO in Action will greatly benefit busy oncology professionals who need clear, concise, and accurate information about the policy issues that matter the most,” explained Nicholas J. Vogelzang, MD, Chair of ASCO’s Communications Committee.

Stay Informed and Active

In addition to its news content and links, ASCO in Action will provide informational podcasts, videos, and policy forums for ASCO members.

“When it comes to improving patient health and cancer care in the United States, we all have a stake and an important role to play. Your voice really does matter, and I encourage you to stay informed and active by regularly visiting ASCO in Action at, or signing up for ASCO in Action RRS feeds and important news updates,” Dr. Vogelzang said. ■

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