Enhance Your 2019 ASCO Annual Meeting Experience at Podcast Listening Station

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THE ASCO ANNUAL Meeting is 5 bustling days of cutting-edge research presentations, educational sessions, and networking events. To enhance conference takeaways and connect attendees more closely with content from the 2019 Annual Meeting, ASCO will host a podcast listening station onsite at McCormick Place for the duration of the meeting.

The Podcast Listening Station will be located in the McCormick Place East Building’s Lakeside Lounge and will be open from 7 AM to 6 PM daily from May 31 through June 4. ASCO staff will be available at the station to assist new and seasoned podcast listeners alike, answer questions, and guide attendees through ASCO’s podcast series and subscriptions.

Attendees are encouraged to visit the station and listen to podcast episodes presented from a multidisciplinary perspective that will serve as extensions of the robust meeting program. Podcast commentary will further examine research and educational topics discussed during the meeting sessions. Many of ASCO’s podcasts series will feature episodes that take a comprehensive look at the presidential theme, “Caring for Every Patient, Learning From Every Patient,” selected by 2018– 2019 ASCO President Monica M. Bertagnolli, MD, FACS, FASCO.

Podcasts for Every Interest

ASCO MADE its first foray into podcasting in 2007 with a series of patient-focused programs on Cancer.Net, ASCO’s patient information website. As of 2019, ASCO offers nine podcasts, connecting listeners to commentary on a variety of topics ranging from cancer policy and practice to the latest research, therapies, and guidelines.

If you are not able to stop by the 2019 ASCO Annual Meeting Podcast Listening Station, you can still enjoy all of ASCO’s podcasts. Subscribe to each series through iTunes or Google Play, or listen online without a subscription; visit to listen and learn more.


  • ASCO in Action: The ASCO in Action podcast provides analysis and commentary on cancer policy and practice issues. The podcast is hosted by ASCO and Conquer Cancer Foundation Chief Executive Officer Clifford A. Hudis, MD, FACP, FASCO.
  • ASCO Daily News: The ASCO Daily News podcast features oncologists discussing the latest research and therapies in their areas of expertise.
  • ASCO Guidelines: The ASCO Guidelines podcast series features interviews with panelists of recently published ASCO Clinical Practice Guidelines highlighting key recommendations.
  • ASCO eLearning: The ASCO eLearning podcast (previously the ASCO University Podcast) is a weekly educational series focused on helping learners identify knowledge gaps and stay up to date with the latest in new drug developments, cancer treatments, and patient care approaches.
  • Cancer.Net: Cancer.Net podcasts feature patient-friendly content on cancer research, treatment, coping, and other topics for people living with cancer and those who care for them.
  • Cancer Stories: Art of Oncology: The Journal of Clinical Oncology’s Cancer Stories podcast features professional readings from the journal’s Art of Oncology section, as well as interviews with pioneers in the field of oncology.
  • Journal of Clinical Oncology: The Journal of Clinical Oncology podcast features overviews of the latest research published in the journal, with a focus on placing results into a clinically useful context.
  • Journal of Oncology Practice: The Journal of Oncology Practice Podcast features interview-style discussions with lead authors from the journal’s articles.
  • Your Stories: Conquering Cancer: Your Stories is a mini-podcast series from ASCO’s Conquer Cancer Foundation that features unscripted conversations among patients, doctors, and caregivers.

Do you enjoy listening to an ASCO podcast? Be sure to submit a review and subscribe to the series.

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