ASCO Through the Years: Past Presidents

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Over the years many great oncology leaders have served at the helm as ASCO President. We recognize these individuals here, and extend our gratitude for their service and efforts to champion high-quality cancer care.

2018-2019: Monica M. Bertagnolli, MD

2017-2018: Bruce E. Johnson, MD

2016-2017: Daniel F. Hayes, MD

2015-2016: Julie Vose, MD, MBA

2014-2015: Peter P. Yu, MD

2013-2014: Clifford A. Hudis, MD

2012-2013: Sandra M. Swain, MD, FACP

2011-2012: Michael P. Link, MD

2010-2011: George W. Sledge, Jr, MD

2009-2010: Douglas W. Blayney, MD

2008-2009: Richard Schilsky, MD

2007-2008: Nancy E. Davidson, MD

2006-2007: Gabriel N. Hortobagyi, MD

2005-2006: Sandra J. Horning, MD

2004-2005: David H. Johnson, MD

2003-2004: Margaret A. Tempero, MD

2002-2003: Paul A. Bunn, Jr, MD

2001-2002: Larry Norton, MD

2000-2001: Lawrence H. Einhorn, MD

1999-2000: Joseph S. Bailes, MD

1998-1999: Allen S. Lichter, MD

1997-1998: Robert J. Mayer, MD

1996-1997: James O. Armitage, MD

1995-1996: John H. Glick, MD

1994-1995: Karen H. Antman, MD

1993-1994: George P. Canellos, MD

1992-1993: Bernard Fisher, MD

1991-1992: Martin D. Abeloff, MD

1990-1991: Harvey M. Golomb, MD

1989-1990: Robert C. Young, MD

1985-1986: John R. Durant, MD

1984-1985: Sydney E. Salmon, MD

1982-1983: Saul A. Rosenberg, MD

1981-1982: John E. Ultmann, MD

1980-1981: Emil J. Freireich, MD

1979-1980: Charles G. Moertel, MD

1978-1979: Albert H. Owens, MD

1977-1978: Vincent T. DeVita, Jr, MD

1976-1977: James F. Holland, MD

1975-1976: Joseph Bertino, MD

1974-1975: Rose Ruth Ellison, MD

1973-1974: Bayard Clarkson, MD

1972-1973: Paul P. Carbone, MD

1971-1972: Kenneth B. Olson, MD

1970-1971: Jesse L. Steinfeld, MD

1969-1970: Paul Calabresi, MD

1968-1969: Emil Frei, MD

1967-1968: George C. Escher, MD

1966-1967: Fred J. Ansfield, MD

1965-1966: Michael J. Brennan, MD

1964-1965: Harry F. Bisel, MD 

Editor’s note: All individuals recognized as Fellows of ASCO (FASCO). ■