ASCO Relaunches Survivorship Compendium With New Features and Resources

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ASCO has made new resources available through its refreshed Survivorship Compendium—an online library of practice tools designed and curated to help oncologists develop high-quality, equitable cancer survivorship care programs and improve existing programs for patients who have completed their initial cancer treatment or who have transitioned to maintenance or preventive therapies.

The screening and prevention of new and recurring cancers; addressing the psychosocial impact of cancer, financial or insurance concerns; and diet and exercise guidance are all part of the survivorship care continuum and addressed in the compendium. Specific new and key features include:

  • Resources organized by topic, such as Providing Survivorship Care in Clinical Practice and Special Populations, as well as new topics including Survivorship Research and International Models of Care
  • An overview and resources to support survivorship care for special populations, including adolescents and young adults, older adults, sexual and gender minorities, and rural and medically underserved groups
  • Downloadable survivorship care plans for people treated for breast, colorectal, gynecologic, head and neck, lung, lymphoma, and prostate cancers
  • Links to online educational opportunities and upcoming conferences.

There are currently 16.9 million cancer survivors in the United States. That number is projected to grow to 22.2 million by 2030 and 26.1 million by 2040.1 With this expected upward trend, oncologists and other cancer care providers will continue to play a growing and vital role in coordinating long-term care for the survivor population.

ASCO’s Survivorship Compendium was created in 2014 to serve as a comprehensive resource on survivorship care for the cancer community, primary care physicians, and all health-care clinicians. The compendium complements ASCO’s educational programs and clinical guidance on survivorship care, and it promotes high-quality, equitable survivorship care, while supporting practices and practitioners in delivering care consistent with Oncology Medical Home standards.

Additional survivorship resources from ASCO include ASCO Answers: Cancer Survivorship (a collection of oncologist-approved patient education materials developed for people with cancer and their caregivers); Providing High Quality Survivorship Care in Practice: An ASCO Guide (a downloadable booklet that aims to assist providers in starting a survivorship care program); and treatment and survivorship care plans on; survivorship guidelines and adaptations.

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