ASCO Launches Electronic Practical Tips for the Oncology Practice, 6th Edition

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In mid-May, ASCO launched Practical Tips for the Oncology Practice, 6th Edition, a comprehensive resource providing answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding billing, coding, reimbursements, coverage questions, and regulatory policies that affect the day-to-day practice of oncology.

Since its establishment as its own medical specialty in the 1960s, the practice of oncology has expanded and changed substantially. The increasing cost of cancer care, concerns about a workforce shortage, and the increasing number of cancer patients call for oncology practices to operate as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Practical Tips for the Oncology Practice is a comprehensive, easy-to-use resource for physician practitioners, office managers, and office staff. With up-to-date guidance, it is a convenient informational aid to office managers or staff who are new to the oncology arena or established managers looking for guidance related to common issues faced by modern oncology practices in an ever-changing health-care landscape.

What’s New

The 6th edition of Practical Tips will be the first published in electronic format only. Updates from the 5th edition include new information on ICD-10, Medicare quality reporting programs, and safe handling guidelines and ­requirements.

Although one of the main focuses of Practical Tips is providing information about billing, coding, and Medicare regulations, it also delves into the issues of appeals and collection of overpayments.

“Appeals can be difficult, stressful, and time-consuming situations for oncology practices,” said Allison M. Hirschorn, a coding and reimbursement specialist in the clinical affairs department at ASCO. “Practical Tips for the Oncology Practice uses simple, easy-to-understand terms to explain the process and describe what a physician practice’s options are, including explanations of the levels of an appeal and what to expect at each level.”

New Electronic Format

The new electronic format of Practical Tips allows for enhanced search capabilities and enables users to directly access information listed in the publication’s appendices.

Users can access Practical Tips as an eBook from e-readers and mobile devices. Users can also download eBook readers for their computers if they want to access the content of Practical Tips from their desktop computers.

The 6th edition of Practical Tips is $275; however, ASCO members receive a 20% discount of this price. To find out more about Practical Tips, visit ■

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