ASCO Through the Years: Past Presidents

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This year ASCO celebrates it's 50th Anniversary. Here is a list of past ASCO Presidents over these 50 years:

2014-2015: Peter P. Yu, MD

2013-2014: Clifford A. Hudis, MD

2012-2013: Sandra M. Swain, MD, FACP

2011-2012: Michael P. Link, MD

2010-2011: George W. Sledge, Jr, MD

2009-2010: Douglas W. Blayney, MD

2008-2009: Richard Schilsky, MD

2007-2008: Nancy E. Davidson, MD

2006-2007: Gabriel N. Hortobagyi, MD

2005-2006: Sandra J. Horning, MD

2004-2005: David H. Johnson, MD

2003-2004: Margaret A. Tempero, MD

2002-2003: Paul A. Bunn, Jr, MD

2001-2002: Larry Norton, MD

2000-2001: Lawrence H. Einhorn, MD

1999-2000: Joseph S. Bailes, MD

1998-1999: Allen S. Lichter, MD

1997-1998: Robert J. Mayer, MD

1996-1997: James O. Armitage, MD

1995-1996: John H. Glick, MD

1994-1995: Karen H. Antman, MD

1993-1994: George P. Canellos, MD

1992-1993: Bernard Fisher, MD

1991-1992: Martin D. Abeloff, MD

1990-1991: Harvey M. Golomb, MD

1989-1990: Robert C. Young, MD

1985-1986: John R. Durant, MD

1984-1985: Sydney E. Salmon, MD

1982-1983: Saul A. Rosenberg, MD

1981-1982: John E. Ultmann, MD

1980-1981: Emil J. Freireich, MD

1979-1980: Charles G. Moertel, MD

1978-1979: Albert H. Owens, MD

1977-1978: Vincent T. DeVita, Jr, MD

1976-1977: James F. Holland, MD

1975-1976: Joseph Bertino, MD

1974-1975: Rose Ruth Ellison, MD

1973-1974: Bayard Clarkson, MD

1972-1973: Paul P. Carbone, MD

1971-1972: Kenneth B. Olson, MD

1970-1971: Jesse L. Steinfeld, MD

1969-1970: Paul Calabresi, MD

1968-1969: Emil Frei, MD

1967-1968: George C. Escher, MD

1966-1967: Fred J. Ansfield, MD

1965-1966: Michael J. Brennan, MD

1964-1965: Harry F. Bisel, MD

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