Newly Elected Society Officials for 2011

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In December 2010, ASCO announced the results of its 2011 Election for President-Elect and for members of the Board of Directors and the Nominating Committee. Sandra M. Swain, MD (Washington Hospital Center’s Washington Cancer Institute, Georgetown University, and Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences), took office as President-Elect during ASCO’s 47th Annual Meeting and will serve a 1-year term as President beginning in June 2012.

As President-Elect and as President, Swain will reach out to the NCI to improve translational medicine by increasing the connection between clinical and basic scientists. She will also promote the training of extended practice nurses, physician assistants, and other health-care providers and ensure that ASCO’s Quality Oncology Practice Initiative (QOPI) moves forward and develops metrics for successful outcomes. Finally, she will champion ASCO’s work in tandem with NCI and other leaders to implement a successful national clinical research plan in oncology.

Board of Directors

Gary I. Cohen, MD (Berman Cancer Institute at Greater Baltimore Medical Center, Sidney Kimmel Foundation for Cancer Research, and Johns Hopkins University), Carolyn D. Runowicz, MD (Carole and Ray Neag Comprehensive Cancer Center and University of Connecticut Health Center), Eric P. Winer, MD (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute), and Daniel F. Hayes, MD (University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center) have been elected to the Board of Directors.

During this term, Dr. Cohen will work to involve community physicians in clinical trials through education, encouragement, and funding; urge community oncologists to encourage patients to enroll in clinical trials; and promote a rational approach to cancer care driven by appropriate clinical care guidelines.

Dr. Runowicz will confront workforce issues, develop ASCO’s strategic plan, address access to quality care in oncology, and focus on physician reimbursement. Dr. Winer will work to eliminate wasted expenses in health-care costs, lobby for additional funding for clinical research, and minimize the delays and administrative obstacles in health-care systems.

Dr. Hayes envisions ASCO partnering with complementary societies to bring standardized, high-quality care to patients, and he advocates partnerships with constituencies that have considerable political weight and leadership to enhance, streamline, and facilitate properly conducted clinical and translational research.

Nominating Committee

Finally, Kathy D. Miller, MD (Indiana University School of Medicine), and Harold J. Burnstein, MD (Harvard Medical School and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Brigham & Women’s Hospital), have been elected as members of ASCO’s Nominating Committee.

Dr. Miller seeks to provide members with a clear choice of candidates as well as with opportunities to pose questions directly to candidates and to share their opinions about important matters facing ASCO.

Dr. Burstein will put forward slates of candidates with broad and resonant appeal to ASCO membership and promote the idea of “paying” members to vote by offering vouchers good toward annual membership dues, educational materials, or other ASCO products. He will also support the scheduling of elections at the Annual Meeting, when thousands of members are available to cast ballots.

The newly elected officials will take office at the 2011 Annual Business Meeting. ■

Adapted from ASCO Connection. © American Society of Clinical Oncology. (“2011 ASCO Election Results Now Available.” ASCO Connection: From the  Society, December 9, 2010.) All rights reserved.