Community Oncology Alliance Elects New Officers and Board Members for 2016

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Bruce Gould, MD

Michael Diaz, MD

David Eagle, MD

Ted Okon

Ricky Newton, CPA

Henry “Mac” Barnes, MD

Bruce Burns, MD

Mark E. Thompson, MD

The Community Oncology Alliance (COA), a nonprofit organization dedicated to advocating for community oncology practices and the patients they serve, announced the election of a new Board of Directors and Executive Committee officers.

“2016 is primed to be an important year for community oncology. We anticipate significant progress on payment reform initiatives such as the Oncology Medical Home (OMH) and ongoing examinations of the 340B drug program and more,” said Bruce Gould, MD, President of COA and a practicing oncologist with the Northwest Georgia Oncology Centers. “COA is strengthened by the very active involvement of its volunteer Board and Executive team.  We welcome the new and continuing Board members. Their participation ensures that COA will continue in its strivings for the betterment of community cancer care.”

The following individuals were elected to serve as officers of COA and on the Executive Committee:

  • Bruce Gould, MD, President
  • Jeffrey Vacirca, MD, Vice President
  • Michael Diaz, MD, Secretary
  • Ricky Newton, CPA (Treasurer; ex officio)
  • Mark E. Thompson, MD (Immediate Past President)
  • David Eagle, MD (Past President)
  • Henry “Mac” Barnes, MD (Past President)
  • Miriam Atkins, MD (Officer-at-Large)
  • Ted Okon (Executive Director; ex officio)

The following individuals were elected to serve a first-time term on the COA Board of Directors:

  • Bruce Burns, MD (Georgia)
  • Jose DeVilla, MD (Puerto Rico)
  • Deborah Patt, MD (Texas)
  • Jeffrey Patton, MD (Tennessee)

COA is a nonprofit, 501.c.6 organization that is controlled by community oncologists. COA has an Executive Committee of Officers that reports to a Board of Directors, comprising volunteer representatives from community oncology, who direct the management of COA by its Executive Director.

The complete list of Officers and Board members can be viewed at ■