2015–2016 Leadership Development Program Participants Examine Genomics, Data Collection, Team-Based Cancer Care, and Meeting Experience

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ASCO’s Leadership Development Program (LDP) offers mid-career oncologists the opportunity to learn valuable leadership skills from ASCO’s exceptional leaders and participate in networking and mentoring opportunities. Participants work on strategy development, interpersonal effectiveness and teamwork, media communication, and conflict management so that they can become future leaders in their institutions, professional associations, and organizations such as ASCO.

In 2015, LDP was expanded to include more participants than ever before due to the demand for more leadership skills training and the high quality of applications. Participants are currently engaged in the following projects that explore important oncology and ASCO-related issues:

Genomics in Clinical Practice

This project seeks to better understand the application of genomics in clinical settings at community-based practices. Participants will use ­ASCO’S Targeted Agent and Profiling Utilization Registry (TAPUR) Study and will also look at the genomic-related challenges currently faced by practices and how they are being resolved. The project goal is to identify existing gaps in this arena and to recommend how ASCO can further help practices improve.

Collection and Use of Oncology Clinical Data

LDP participants are examining the current state of the collection and use of oncology clinical data in the practice setting. The goal of this project is to better understand how data are being used at practices and how such collections can help improve cancer care.

Team-Based Cancer Care

Multidisciplinary, team-based cancer care remains an ongoing area of interest and need in oncology. The LDP project goal is to help inform the cancer community about ways to enhance and build multidisciplinary teams. Participants will also provide ASCO with guidance on other types of activities and initiatives that should be developed to foster team-based care in oncology.

Live Meeting Experience

With attendance at ASCO’s meetings continuing to grow, participants will explore new educational formats, collaboration and networking opportunities, technology enhancements, and other innovations to enhance the on-site experience for future attendees, both international and domestic. ■

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