Your Stories Podcast Returns in 2020 With New Episodes

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A new season of Your Stories, the popular podcast series from Conquer Cancer®, the ASCO Foundation, will premiere in 2020. New episodes will be released bimonthly and will feature candid conversations among doctors, patients, caregivers, and research pioneers on their experiences conquering cancer.

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Neil Iyengar, MD, and Nadja Pinnavaia, PhD: “Prescribing a Diet to Conquer Cancer”


Can a meal subscription service improve quality of life and reduce the chance of disease recurrence for patients with breast cancer? Two-time Conquer Cancer–funded researcher Dr. Iyengar and chemist Dr.
Pinnavaia are conducting a clinical trial to determine the role of metabolic health and exercise in cancer treatment. The scientists share advice on adopting healthy lifestyle habits and discuss what motivates their work to conquer cancer through nutrition.


Riccardo Braglia, and Clifford A. Hudis, MD, FASCO: “The Family Business”


Mr. Braglia was so affected by watching a close friend endure the side effects of cancer treatment that he redirected the focus of his family’s pharmaceutical company to enhancing the quality of life for people with cancer. The international business leader and philanthropist gets personal with ASCO and Conquer Cancer Chief Executive Officer Dr. Hudis, sharing stories of how his family rallied to support his mother as she was dying from ovarian cancer and his vision for the future of cancer research and care.


Rachna Schroff, MD, and Nina Shah, MD: “Personalized Medicine”


As young oncologists, Drs. Shah and Schroff followed professional protocol by the book—they kept patients at arm’s length for fear of blurring what they felt was an important line between doctor and friend. Everything changed when their roles reversed—both doctors became caregivers for parents diagnosed with cancer. In this episode, the friends and colleagues discuss how their experiences on the other side of the bench inspired changes in the relationships they allow themselves to develop with their patients.


Alex and Nancy Berry: “Pitching In”


Nancy and Alex Berry were shocked when their 16-year-old son, Jake, was diagnosed with testicular cancer during a physical. The devoted parents, who sought the care of Lawrence Einhorn, MD, recall watching their athletic son compete against cancer, and share how their experiences inspired a commitment to supporting research for all types of cancer.

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