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Have you given any thought to the legacy you would like to leave? For many of you, your professional legacy will include the patients you have cared for, the research you have conducted, the students you have mentored, and the lives you have touched in the world of cancer care. You also have your personal legacy: your family, your friends, and your community. Through thoughtful estate planning, all of these entities can benefit from your life-long work.

There are many ways individuals can use their estate to fulfil personal and philanthropic goals, and the Conquer Cancer Foundation’s planned giving website (www.conqercancerfoundation
.org/plannedgiving) has extensive tools to help, whether you’re just beginning to think about estate planning, or looking into more sophisticated options like charitable lead or remainder trusts.

Cornerstone Membership

Perhaps you’ve already included the Conquer Cancer Foundation in your estate plan or you’re considering doing so. If so, we hope you will consider becoming a member of Cornerstone. The Foundation established Cornerstone in 2013 in recognition of those individuals who have notified the Foundation of their intention to make a gift through their estate.

Members of Cornerstone have the pleasure of knowing that they will be leaving a strong foundation of support for cancer researchers and practitioners as well as for patients and their families. Members of Cornerstone are also recognized for their commitment to the future of cancer care through donor listings, special event invitations, and other opportunities.

Cancer will touch the life of nearly every person on the planet. Our goal at the Conquer Cancer Foundation is to build a world free from the fear of cancer, so that the moment of a cancer diagnosis is not a life-threatening crisis, but just one in a string of the many moments that make up our lives. We need your help to guarantee that the necessary resources will be available to help conquer cancer well into the future. Your commitment to honor the Conquer Cancer Foundation as a beneficiary in your estate planning helps to build a strong future for our field and our patients.

To learn more about your estate planning options, visit or contact our Planned Giving office at (571) 483-1700. ■

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