Conquer Cancer Foundation Grants and Awards Program

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Conquer Cancer Foundation of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (CCF) is fueling cancer research and pursuing dramatic advances in the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, and cure of all kinds of cancer.

At critical points for researchers, CCF is there with essential funding to power the next generation of breakthroughs that help improve the lives of millions of people touched by ­cancer.

From medical students to physicians and scientists in the early stages of their work and beyond, we fund promising researchers when it really matters.

We provide early, lifeline funding to the brightest young minds in cancer research, so they can stay in cancer research.

Lasting Impact

For more than 3 decades, the CCF Grants and Awards program has been instrumental in launching careers and accelerating breakthroughs. Our impact:

  • More than $92 million has been awarded to over 1,200 cancer professionals in 65 countries.
  • 1,475 grants and awards went to 337 academic medical institutions and nonprofit organizations.
  • 99% of recipients said their grant was important to advancing their careers.
  • 95% of all grant recipients are currently publishing.
  • 98% of all grantees since 1984 are still active in oncology research
  • 11 impactful awards, important support for oncology experts in key career stages.
  • Rigorous and highly competitive selection process, in line with the exacting standards of the National Institutes of Health and CCF’s parent organization, ASCO.

Please visit to learn more about the CCF Grants and Awards Program and to make a donation to support cancer research. ■

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