Living a Full Life

Medical Oncologist Takes the Paths Less Traveled to Unwind and Reboot

Ronald Piana  / December 25, 2017

GUEST EDITOR Dr. Abraham is the Director of the Breast Oncology Program at Taussig Cancer Institute, and Professor of Medicine, Lerner College of Medicine, Cleveland Clinic. For this installment in the Living a Full Life series of articles, Andrew D. Seidman, MD, of Memorial Sloan Kettering C...

Restorative Effects of Painting Offset the Demands of Oncology

Ronald Piana  / November 25, 2017

Oncologists are apt to give patients the worst news of their lives: You have cancer. Yet studies show that, by and large, despite the stressful aspects of treating people with a life-threatening disease, oncologists report one of the highest percentages of professional satisfaction among medical d...

Issues in Oncology

Recognizing the Importance of a Work-Life Balance in Oncology

Ronald Piana  / October 10, 2017

The ASCO Post introduces this new department, Living a Full Life, in which we will share insightful narratives of oncology professionals highlighting personal aspects of these clinicians’ lives separate from the world of oncology. We also intend to open a dialogue about the challenges that today’s b...