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Issues in Oncology

Medical Aid in Dying: When Legal Safeguards Become Burdensome Obstacles

Thaddeus Mason Pope, JD, PhD  / December 25, 2017

In 2017, the District of Columbia (DC) became the seventh jurisdiction in the United States to legalize medical aid in dying,1 which gives terminally ill patients the option of how and when they die. The new DC statute is nearly identical to earlier enacted medical aid in dying statutes in Cali...

Issues in Oncology

Informed Consent and the Oncologist: Legal Duties to Discuss Costs of Treatment

Thaddeus Mason Pope, JD, PhD  / November 25, 2017

For 50 years, clinicians in the United States have had a legal duty to disclose to patients with cancer the risks, benefits, and alternatives to a proposed cancer treatment. Until recently, however, it has been unclear whether clinicians have a similar duty to discuss the costs of tha...

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Ensuring Advance Directives Are Followed and Lawsuits Are Avoided

Jo Cavallo  / July 25, 2017

Thaddeus Mason Pope, JD, PhD, has focused his legal career on improving medical care decision-making and protecting patients’ rights at the end of life. His specific areas of legal expertise include patients’ rights, informed consent, and end-of-life medicine. Dr. Pope is the coauthor of The Ri...