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Overcoming Sexism in Academic Medicine

Jo Cavallo  / July 10, 2017

Reshma Jagsi, MD, DPhil The troubling results from a survey1 investigating the sexual harassment and discrimination experiences of academic medical faculty show that such incidents continue to happen with unexpected frequency despite increasing awareness of the problem. The study by Reshma ...

Issues in Oncology

Addressing Discrimination and Bias in Medical Education

Jo Cavallo  / January 25, 2017

Although a microaggression may seem innocuous, its effects can be cumulative, impacting the mental and physical health of underrepresented physicians. It also may exacerbate inequities in health care for patients in general and for minority patients in particular. — Roberto...

Issues in Oncology

Faculty Development in Oncology: Advancing the Field by Optimizing Opportunities for Educators to Learn and Grow

Jo Cavallo  / December 10, 2016

Janet Riddle, MD In 2015, Janet Riddle, MD, and her colleagues published an article1 outlining 12 key themes for delineating how fellowship programs in medical education should be developed (See “12 Tips for Developing Successful Fellowship Programs for Medical Educators,” below.) The ASCO...

Issues in Oncology

Mastery Learning: A New Paradigm for Oncology Medical Education?

Jo Cavallo  / September 10, 2016

Mastery learning provides excellent training for medical students to ensure that they become as highly skilled as possible, whereas the traditional way of educating medical students by watching senior physicians practice on real patients just doesn’t work very well. — Willi...

Using Simulation-Based Training to Improve the Procedural Skills of Oncology/Hematology Fellows

Jo Cavallo  / July 25, 2016

The big advantage of simulation learning is that it accelerates the learning curve for trainees and exposes them to uncommon medical situations within a safe environment. — Rodrigo B. Cavalcanti, MD, MSc, FRCPC Simulation-based education in medicine programs implemented i...

Issues in Oncology

How to Help Mentees Succeed

Jo Cavallo  / December 25, 2015

Although formal mentoring programs in medical education were not launched in the United States until the late 1990s,1 today they are regarded as playing an essential role in the career development of medical trainees and have been associated with improvements in research, teaching, and patient care....